The World Organ Day?

Today, I want to ask you about :

THE world organ day

The other day, we were slightly annoyed when we had our regular meeting of the BSO,
(Bruxelles Ses Orgues/ Brusselse Orgels) the Brussels' organ concert association, to discuss about it.

We have heard about it by the organists from Swiss and Germany, that it's the 21st of March, every year.

The international organ day, on the birthday of our great J.S.Bach!
Why not?

But others told us that the Cathedral of Paris had the celebration of the 850th anniversary this year,
and they had organized 850 concerts on the 6th May, calling it the world organ day
(Le jour mondiale d'Orgue).

It seems that the French national association called Orgue en France, has been organizing organ
concerts every year on the 6th May calling it simply the organ day,"Le Jour de l'Orgue".

So I guess it became the WORLD organ day this year because of the festivities of the Notre-Dame de Paris,
for countries the organ concerts happened on the day included more than France.

…I am not saying that Belgians are annoyed to learn about French deciding it for the world.
No, we were annoyed not to know when IS the world organ day!

We wish to do something around the day if we knew such a day existed already.

I know that they have the traditional London organ day in England, and there are certainly similar days
in Germany, the Netherlands and in the United States. But the "world" day?

Is there anybody who knows about it?

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Thank you for your help!!