French Toast

My daughter has made a full bagful of sandwiches for after-mass collation at the Cathedral on Sunday.


She has cut all the sides of the bread off and sliced them in half in diagonal, so that it made them look British.
There were even cucumber sandwiches, which do not exist in Brussels (strange).


All that is great.

At home, it left a huge bowlful of cut offs from the bread.

Nobody touched them on the day in the evening.
My husband suggested that we could use them as "croutons" in a soup, on the second day.
The heap did not move.

On the third day in the morning, quick eye calculation made me understand that we would need
five soups in a row to finish up croutons if we are lucky.

As it was 5h30 in the morning I was obliged to make a decision alone, and I took two eggs and a cup of
soya milk to cook a French Toast, as it's called in Japan, before they will turn all green.

My problem was that we had no sugar since one month, but I did not wish that there will be a fight
between the honey I might put before baking and the maple sirop that we poor in just before eating.

After five minutes of searching, I found five small enveloped pieces of square sugar near tea tin.
It took time to solve in egg milk but there was no way to heat them up.

Half an hour later, when my daughter came down stairs to have her breakfast, the golden dishful of

Pain perdu

was in front of us.

I thought of my friend Michiko in London, and I told my daughter about her,
who have three children for whom she cooked three different breakfasts each day,
and the pain perdu was for her eldest.

She simply told me as we stayed in their house, her children were still young then:

-Nobody has the same taste.
They don't all like the French Toast!
But don't you think it's normal?
They are all different.
So I must cook three breakfasts,

...with her legendary great smile.

The parents and we ate simply a toast and tea (evidently the best breakfast in the world).



にほんブログ村 クラシックブログ 鍵盤楽器へ


娘は夫に頼まれて先週日曜日の教会のMesse Festive終了後に出すサンドイッチをつくりました。それは良かったのだけど、家に戻ったら大量のパンの耳が、台所のボール(大)に山積みに。夫は「クルトンでも作ればいいね!」と言ったものの、そのまま誰も手をつけないで次の日になり、さらに次の日になったので、滅多にうちでは作らないフレンチ・トーストを作りました(仏語ではパンペルデュというのですが、まさしく"Pain Perdu"=失われたパン)。作っていたら、むかし、友達のみっちゃんが、一番上の女の子がフレンチトーストを好きだったので毎日朝ご飯に用意していたこと、でも他の2人の子どもたちは好きではなくて、3人分の違う朝ご飯を毎朝作っていたこと、泊まっていた私たちと親の4人はトーストと紅茶が「世界で一番の朝ご飯」と言って食べたこと…「みんなちがうんだからちがうものを好きでもあたりまえだよね」とトレードマークの素晴らしい笑顔で言った彼女の声が聞こえたような朝でした