How to organize an organ concert in Japan

Today, there are many concert halls in Japan.
And a lot of them have an organ in the hall.

We, organists are used to play in the church, where they organize organ recitals during the seasons of
good weather.

Playing in the concert halls means that there is no need to worry about the outside temperature,
but it is rare to get invited; organ recitals are not frequent in those large halls.

First of all, I am Japanese and I wished that my parents can listen to my playing in Japan,
so I decided to organize something there.

All the concert halls have a website today and they show clearly how much it costs to book
all what you need:
-the hall itself
-the organ
-the tuning
-the waiting room on the day
-the rehearsal (hall+organ)
And the booking opens more than a year before, depending on the halls.

First thing is to get the calculator and get the rough somme of the global cost.
Second is to find out the possible setting out for the ticket price
in relation to the possible number of people who might attend.

Now we must book the dates (concert and rehearsal) and pay one part of the total cost (often 50%).

Then advertising and selling tickets in advance start with your choice of program.

I think the shortest you can do is six months in advance, but better one year.

For the concert in april 2013, I had one person who helped me doing the first part of the procedure of
booking and paying, in april 2012.
And I asked a professional to sell tickets and promote, assistance on the D-day and the financial
conclusion after the concert.

At the end, it is a lot of work to play in Japan, but my parents and other people enjoyed concert,
and I am happy to have organized it.

This October, I was luckily invited to play in a recital series and it was a different experience.
But it may be related, the fact that I have been organizing myself concerts,
and the fact to get invited by the others afterwords.

I am in front of my computer writing this blog at my home in Brussels wondering what is next.
As long as my parents are able to assist my concert, I will make an effort to organize a concert...
I did not know that one's father and mother could give such a motivation.

I must admit traveling to play concerts is a hard life.
Being in different houses.
Playing organs unknown.

And yes, this jet lag, which makes me write this early in the morning.

But why not time to time, life is short!