How to practice?

Thanks to a friend on the FB, I read the article Key to artful practice,
on the blog page of the Musician's Way.
This blog seems to target more or less the young students of music.

About 1,2 and 3, we know them and it's often spoken about.

But I find it original, the point 4.
Errors can help us solve the problems!
Often we think the errors are problems themselves.

Point 5 can be done with someone you can rely on; if you choose a wrong person, that can do dammage
and would be hard to be detached as it proposes on the point 6.

I have of course nothing to add to that article, but to become a good practic-ian is not our goal neither.
I knew a girl at the music college who perfectly practiced every day, if I can say this way.

I can't say what was lacking, but her playing sounded "suffering".
How come those determined young people sometimes think the practice is a sacrifice?

I heard in her playing the compliant: I had to practice, listen to this.
And still now, during competition playings, I sometimes hear the cry.

How to bring the daily practice time enjoyable in your youth?

*Painting the wall of the room a nice color of your choice
*Put nothing disturbing (telephone, computer...)
*Have a window
*Put a big mirror
*Get a metronome and a recorder ready
*Put posters and articles with inspiring images or words on the wall
*Prepare a glass of water in case you become impatient....?

Well, we will try those at home and I will tell you...
And please tell me what are your good ideas!

I thought about putting a small fridge for a break but it may rather disturb.....