Thank you London

My daughter spent six days in London during her "Carnival" holidays.

She had a home stay for three days at an English-Japanese family's house in Richmond,
the south west of London.
I know well the parents who are violinists.

And her second stay of three days was at another friends' in Hackney,
the north east of London.

(Her violin must have enjoyed it too, he had not stopped playing and
he met other violins, even some of the great ones!)

Between lessons and concerts, the family brought her to the British museum:


For her who studies Latin and Greek at school, it was a mixture of emotions
she told us afterwards.

- It was like "Waw! THE Parthenon, in front of me?!"
and "How is it possible that those things are HERE?"

Yes! All that is a history, and there is a story.

Among the 102 photos she took in 6 days, more than half were taken there.

As she met many of my old friends and their children,
I really wished that she would bring me their photos.
But the only photo of a person she took was
a small portrait of the first daughter of this family.

That means a lot!

I am glad that those two European girls with different mother tongues
could communicate in Japanese, and that they got on well.

The next photo was taken on the day 'Visiting London on her own',
that she considers "The high-light day".


I don't think she has seen the paintings of Turner, but it almost is.

The second family who hosted my daughter are also musicians,
they are now friends but they were my teachers when I lived in London
many years ago. I hoped and even asked expressedly that she does,
take a photo of the family and their daughter now adult
to whom I was a "jeune fille au pair"...

But no photos!

She was so well looked after by the two families and she told me

-I thought it was not polite to take photos of them.

Ok. I see. After all, it was her holiday!

Here is the photo taken from the bus with the sign "Wifi here" which,
I saw for the first time.
It shows how long I have not been there.


Thank you London to have welcomed my daughter.

Thank you London for my days which educated me
and continue to welcome me through my daughter.

Thank you London who welcomed my father when he was 30...
which lead him to send me to you eventually.

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